Create a Culture of Consent on Your Campus

To encourage a campus environment where sexual misconduct is unacceptable, you need to talk about consent.

Having a clear understanding of what consent means is important for the safety and protection of all students. As the issues surrounding sexual misconduct, what students are/are not learning before they come to campus and Title IX guidance continue to evolve, it is critical for institutions of higher education to make consent education an issue that demands attention.

Save time, energy and effort raising awareness — both proactively and in response to campus incidents — and ensuring a safe, compliant community when you use the new Consent Education on Campus Binder.

The Consent Education on Campus Binder contains best practices for guiding more intentional, effective dialogue surrounding issues of sexual misconduct and consent, as well as hands-on resources to implement on campus.

Use the ready-made tools inside the 130+ page Consent Education on Campus Binder to:

  • Train students, staff and faculty to engage in these difficult discussions – raise awareness
  • Create a campus culture where openly discussing and implementing consent is the norm
  • Take necessary steps toward the prevention of sexual misconduct on your campus

Plus, you’ll get 25 FREE, 8-page A Culture of Consent brochures to share with students (an $80 value!).

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