Topics Covered

Make Consent Education a Priority on Your Campus

Train students, parents, staff and faculty for the potentially life-changing situations they might face around the topic of consent.

Raise awareness around the critical consent topics covered inside this resource, including:

  • Consent & Compliance: Avoid campus liability concerns by understanding consent within a Title IX framework and considering other federal, state and regional laws that impact your compliance efforts
  • Campus Conversations: Prepare campus administrators, professional staff and faculty members to engage in proactive, positive dialogues around consent with men, women, LGBTQIA+ students, parents and families and mixed groups
  • Incident Reporting: Create a safe environment for reporting where individuals are aware of their rights, responsibilities and available resources before an incident of sexual misconduct might occur
  • Healthy Relationships: Teach students what a healthy, consensual sexual relationship looks like and how to obtain and communicate affirmative consent
  • Terms & Definitions: Build campus communication around consent, coercion, sexual exploitation, retaliation, incapacitation, sexual harassment, dating/intimate partner violence, stalking and more

Raise action around these difficult topics and many more covered inside the Consent Education on Campus Binder — order today!

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